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Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Power of Goodbye

There's nothing left to lose
There's no more heart to bruise
There's no greater power
Than the power of good-bye

Ah Madonna, my go to choice for all types of music.  I've listened to this song when I know I need to give things or people up.

It's been a long time since I've put proverbial pen to paper here, once upon a time my head bubbled with post after post, line after line, word after word.

It's been about 120 weeks since that day in that house, when Little Man King was saved, for whatever reason.  Since then, I've learned so much, about that side of this fence, this side of the fence, us, me and of course him.  I've also learned a lot about loyalty, disloyalty, the power of words, the even more affluent power of silence, and that blood isn't always thicker than water, which was surprisingly the hardest lesson of all.  This movement is one with a harsh divider, strong opinions need to be expressed, hard choices made, I don't regret any.  I won't let regret creep in. 

After Little Man got attacked, my philosophy on what and who should be close to us and him changed completely.  I learned after years of not speaking my mind, of not being truthful and thinking  first of not wanting to hurt the other person, all that had to disappear when something like this happens to your child, my child.  Stand your ground, and I did.

The shocking sadness of the reaction after our story was made public, was my first lesson, and it was a lonely painful one to learn.  It was like a ten ton weight had been placed on shoulders, a heavy reminder that many out there care more about dogs than children.  That is really fucked up (whoops, promised myself I wouldn't swear on this post) Then I learned it wasn't just children that took a back seat to the maulers, it was EVERY victim, no matter the age...then I learned it was EVERY type of victim, dog, cat, llama no matter what, those fucking mutants were always given one more get out jail free card.

What I also learned on this journey, is that there are some amazing, supportive like minded people out there.  They wrapped us up in a warm, safe place to be...I liken it now to a cocoon of sorts.  Inside it, we all morphed.  Mr. King became a staunch supporter of all I said and did, he became the fixture I needed when venting was necessary,  he became the safest place of all.  Little Man King...what did he become?  He became what he was meant to be I think, a survivor who has been able to put it all in a box, and close the lid.  And now, that's what I must become in a way...a survivor who puts it in a box, and closes the lid.  

I won't ever stop speaking up for victims...all my life I've wondered how I would be remembered when I die...once upon a time, my career drove me, now this does, if I can help just one or two get through like we did, my job is done, I hope they remember me as I'll remember them.  

I know not everyone believes in how I've stand on this side the fence, some believe I'm harsh and perhaps inappropriate, likely, thats true, but that's what this side of the fence needs sometimes, because what happened and will continue to happen to ours is so harsh.  No room for regret, no room for second guessing.  My stand is simple, with us or not?  100% in or not.  If you aren't, find ways to make sure I never know.  

What kind of good bye is this?  I think I've realized I became less about the growth of our moving past that day, and dove more into nutter bashing (a sport all its own I know) but one day I want Confessions bound and put on our book shelf, I want Little Man King to know how much this impacted my life and changed me, help define me and helped me figure out that I CAN make a difference in lives,  if only one or two people.   Yes, there has been collateral damage along the way, but I always chose him over all others, that's what I want him growing up knowing.

Is this the end of me blogging, god I hope so...I hope we truly are morphed to the point of being able to open our wings a bit, and flutter past the direct impact that pitbull had on us.  If I can listen to Little Man King's words, he's ready, and so should I be.  I'm listening dude.

I hope other victims continue to read our stories, and that it will be helpful.  You'll make it too, I promise...just let the healing in, let those of us on this side of the fence in.  

Will I stop this work...never.  I will continue to speak out publicly, privately, one on one, at meetings, in front of officials, to the woman checking out my groceries that recognize him.  But now, I do it with so much knowledge of truth, to have all the information you've all helped me with is an amazing gift, it added to my confidence, it added to my power but most importantly, helped me see that what we are doing is right.

For any victim who wants to contribute their story to Confessions, please do...

On Confessions is also a vast list of blogs, and souls who care about you too...there are many different types to read..for all the emotions you will experience for how ever long.

To all those who I am proud to stand with...thank you!  You've helped a family survive.  

Anne King has left the building...

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Hell Hath No Fury...Like An Anne King scorned...

Ugly Kid Joe:  Everything About You....chorus goes like this:

And I, get sick when I'm around, I, can't stand to be around,
I, hate everything about you!
Everything about you,
Everything about you,
Everything about you!

I think I've touched on the word and the emotion "hate" a while ago in one of my god, to be called a "hater" early on in all this stunned the hell out of me, and it took me a while to figure out why it felt so freaking bad to be a hater.  

Society and our need to be so politically correct is's creating a place where people are apprehensive in their opinions, and many roll over and allow their own sense of self to be sacrificed because of our viewpoint, reaction or inclination to speak or feel because it might go against the grain of how someone else might be reacting, or speaking or feeling in regards to whatever situation they are presented with.

Bit word I know...but hey, I'm in a mood...thanks nutters...

I get the need, nary the necessity for society to move past discriminatory actions, cheap shots taken at one another because of our colour, sexual orientation, gender, religion and all that kind of stuff.  Do people "hate" those who are gay, probably, do people "hate" those who practise one religion over another, I would say without a doubt yes...

I imagine that when one mother got angry enough, and HATED that a drunk driver took her loved one, from that a movement that stands against drinking and driving was born.  

I think most of us are quite comfortable with hating those who caused the the actions of 9/11...I'm sure many would say they hate the actions of those who are the heart of any genocide in any country (whether that is Hitler, the deaths during Jonestown, etc)

So why am I so evil, prejudicial and hurtful because I HATE the type of dog that kills so many?  Well, that is a land I'm now dwelling in quite contently, and have no problem saying out loud...I HATE PITBULLS!!!!  

For some reason, unless you are on the "correct" side of hatred, you yourself are a very bad's a subjective call made by a dog idolizing society - firstly, if you hate dogs (I know, perish the thought) your dislike is questioned, probably fairly harshly (maybe you were abused as a child, and trust me, they will want to send you to some form of rehab) but secondly, oh if you hate pits, you are the lowest of the low, how dare you hate a poor creature so maligned by society, so abused, so wah wah wah wa...fuck I HATE NUTTERS!!!!!  

What I'm getting at, in my over caffeinated way, is asking why hate, in my instance is so horrific?  Took me a while to not give a shit that I'm called a hater, but I now look at it this way "with great power (hate) comes great responsibility (doing something good based on my hate) - thanks Uncle Ben...not the guy on the boxes of rice - Spiderman's Uncle...

Now, as a by product of speaking up and hoping for regulations that will hopefully be enacted, so that poor sweet nanny dogs will never be able to ever kill 3 kids in one week again, is nutter banter that they think is ok to heap on people like me and other parents/family members who day after day, have to look at their children, forever scarred by your fucking choice of mutt...notes like yours anon, your blame and psycho-I'm a Caesar Milan cult member babble make me not just hate your mutts, but you dare you tread on my dare you pass blame on to my dare you pretend to know our situation, and how dare you find it within your petty little rights to try and feel you know better than me...and you are just one shining example of how the typical personality type that stands for pits acts towards us...would you send this kind of note to the mother of a rape victim trying to explain what lead the rapist to her child...would you send this kind of note to the father of a soul killed by a drunk driving explaining why people make dangerous choices?  Bet you wouldn' get the fuck out of my world too...

Why you freaks think it's ok to send me notes like this is so far beyond any level of acceptance...

"I find it interesting that you people aren't aware of the damage you're causing and your massive amount of attacks that could have been avoided if any of you actually knew your facts. 1st - dogs react to fear, which you are actively promoting. 2nd - dogs are not born aggressive. There's also no such thing as "bred for fighting". They are bred for athleticism, strength and tenacity (or gameness) then they are TRAINED to be aggressive. A dog is a dog. They are instinctual animals. They are social animals. Due to this, a dog is a reflection of it's handler. It's NOT how they're raised, it's NOT their genetics, it's NOT their breed. It's absolutely 100% the person currently behind the dog. Dog attack = owner failure. There is no other reason"

Here's another one...not sent to me...but to a good friend...maybe in this context here, you fine fuck ups will understand that we have lost loved ones (children!!!) 

Oh wait a sec, I'm talking about about a messed up part of society that bows at the paws of dogs...never mind the above paragraph typed by me...

Anne King out...

***  Whoops, I meant to post this link...writing about it helps many of us get it all out...

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Praying for Time...

But we'll take our chances
'Cause God's stopped keeping score
I guess somewhere along the way
He must have let us all out to play
Turned his back and all God's children
Crept out the back door...

George Michael's Praying for Time...driving home with Mr King the song came on the satellite radio and the sadness of the song certainly suites the feelings that should be causing all of our our hearts to shatter...

Yes, the type of dog that is just like all others, have left 3 families mourning the murder of their children, 3 children this past week killed...another left with such traumatic injuries, survival may not be possible...

Nancy Grace had a great bit on her show about what she calls "devil dogs", its high time someone with significant resources gave a shit!!!!!!  I guess we should be grateful that at least one of the stories is hitting the media at a national level...

It seems to be a rare occasion that I don't have rounds of words to fire off...but I don't...not this time...not in regards to these children and how they were killed.  Sadness sets in and it doesn't feel right to say what is already being said over and horrible nutter said that we should focus on other issues, because things like texting and driving kill more often...I wonder what the magic number of children killed in one week is the point of caring for that nutter?  3 this week isn't enough I guess, is it one per day, two per day??  According to the province I live in, texting and driving is a big ole no no, punishable by the law...fuck you nutter!!!

Just to make myself feel a whole lot better...I'm going to post a comment of a nutter...sent to me just a short while ago...I first read it early in the morning,  through the groggy haze of a melatonin induced lovely sleep...I read it, read it again, then logged of grippingtruth and carried on with my day...I wasn't sure if I had really read what I did...but lordy lordy, I certainly had...I sent it off to a friend, whose reaction was very similar to it is folks...and by the way, screw you nursey nurse, you sent it, I'm posting it with my reaction to your stupid wish for folks like me to care if you have a huge vet bill!!! If you'd like, send me your reaction to mine, I'll laugh when I read it, and say now, what the fuck were you thinking I'd do with your message...

"I am a nurse and I have a 23 month old Shih Tzu baby who works along side me as a therapy dog. She was attacked by my other dog Macy (a pit bull/australian shepherd) unprovoked, yesterday slicing her eye open and pulling it out of the socket. She is having surgery today to remove her eye and we're praying the swelling doesn't cause her to go blind in her right eye as well. She is the sweetest dog and has been nick named the "cuddle bug". Her surgery will cost over $1400. I've set up a fundraiser to help pay for her medical costs- you can donate through paypal... her email is *****************.com she also has her own facebook for any words of encouragement: thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers"

Now, as much as some think I'm a bitch who lacks all level of compassion, trust me, I don't...I feel for this little shih tzu, I have one myself, but leave it up to a nutter to expect everyone else to rush in and pay for the damage done by their freak of nature...just ironic as all hell, the her mutant attacked her other dog...buck up, pay your own bills...I read on your facebook page, you had to put dear Macy down...good!!!  One less pit to potentially fuck up someone else's life.  How does it feel dear little nutter, to see your own sweet little dog deal with the pain of surgery because Macy?  How does your wallet feel, a bit lighter, I hope so...lesson fucking learned...

I see this lame excuse for the attack is on the facebook page...

Dr hagwood her surgeon said Macy really did a number on the inside too. Also Macy snapped because of this phenomenon that happens to one in a few thousand dogs that have excessive testosterone that is kept in check by her ovaries. Once they're removed/spayed there's nothing to keep that in check which causes an almost roid rage situation so there was absolutely nothing No one could do."

Deflection of responsibility to an extraordinary level!!!!!  Anyways, that was posted yesterday, and dear sweet Macy was dirt napped Sept 23?  A doggy autopsy perhaps???  Feel free to comment on Dr. Hagwood's summation, I find it 100% WTF??????  But if this is just one more "thing" that pits can't overcome, too much testosterone, then it's simply one more reason for BSL...

???????  I get the impression you are quick to believe this reasoning from Dr. know, I'd have a whole lot of respect for you if instead of posting your plea for cash, you'd buck up, tell the story of how you (it appears anyways) bought into the myths and that you have turned your back on pit ownership, and stand on the tallest soap box you could find yelling at the top of your lungs that pits are like Nancy Grace says "the devil dogs" but instead, you beg for money...pathetic nutter!!!

Here ya go Nursey Nurse, this photo is for you!!!! If you really care about your little shih tzu, I'll take her, and giver her a home free of pits...LIKE YOU DIDN'T!!!

Friday, 20 September 2013

The Way I Am

"When you don't give a fuck, when you won't just put up
With the bullshit they pull, cause they full of shit too"

I'm generally not a fan of Eminem...I try to live my life in a way that doesn't allow me time to listen to his usually angry lyrics...but this time, it felt right.  It's hard not to be angry when you see what the nutters say, what they think is ok, and why they continue to hurt those almost destroyed by their mutts.  

I thought about whether or not to post links to the Facebook pages currently up and mocking victims, thought about it long and hard. I'll post much of what they say, but Mr King and I realize that if we post links to the pages,  that opens those being mocked up to perhaps more nutters joining in, I can't do that to them...

But I will certainly give my unasked for opinion on those pages and point out the obvious, and that is "what the hell does bullying people have to do with propelling their movement forward?"  It is so oddly asinine and unequivocally absurd, and this type of behaviour certainly does nothing to squash the stereotype so many assume when it comes to pit owners...bully breeds owned by bully's...pure and fucking simple.

There are photos of those who support BSL with the word "chubbers" as the caption, or "epic fail in life" or a shot of one who speaks up for a family member with the words "has stock in (insert makeup company here)", they refer to one BSL advocate needing to get her roots done, and call her snaggle tooth, they call one of us a crackwhore, and make fun of where we work.  They take screenshots out of context, and then post captions filled with their deluded lies.  All in a little sewing circle where they pat each other on the backs for being pieces of shit.

Now, I don't give a fat rat's ass what they say about me, I've grown skin thick enough to not care, but there are some among us who have lost children, have been forever disfigured, have lost pets, and live in a changed world because of a type of dog.  And who, like other movements before them, they simply want to try and create a world where this happens less, they are selfless, empathic and compassionate enough to take what happened to them,  and tell their stories to try and protect your family, your children, your pets from what fate dealt them.  And for it, they are mercilessly, over and over made fun of, threatened, belittled and for lack of non cliched sometimes over used word bullied.  I wonder how society would have reacted to drunk drivers getting together, and mocking the families of those affected by their actions?  This is no different, we are all fighting for the right to live in a world safe from a type of dog proving itself constantly to not be fit as a family pet.

Advocate all you want for that thing at your feet, the one you let lick your child's face, let it do the same thing you'll blame a parent for doing when a pit rips a hole into a now victim's that hypocrite who bashes those who don't alter their pit, when you haven't done the the ignorant foamer (hahah, used one of your stupid words) who cant' seem to stay on track without resorting to being an antagonizing have to see that it simply fuels the fire of what society thinks of you, and your choice of dog???  How the hell can you not see that??

You nutters are pathetically cruel, and you think it's appropriate and funny.  I show people your little pages, and they are sadly stunned, I'll bring your comments and pages to the meetings I attend in my efforts to get BSL enacted where I and your fucked up form of advocacy are proof positive that pits need regulating, we gotta keep them out of the hands of people like YOU!!!!!

There is a list of the worst of the worst, I'll bet we could all name them...mostly women, few men...send me quotes if you like folks, I'll post them.  Maybe some of their own medicine will do them some good.  Perhaps because it's in the context of what I've written.

Yes, my son was forever scarred by a pitbull...I hate your dogs, and I hate how you advocate for them, and I hate a select few of you.

In closing, here is a gem:  yes, indeed humans are the most violent, cruel and dangerous animals, you and your  disparaging, insulting repulsive efforts to "Protect Pit Bulls from BSL" prove that time and time are indeed part of the problem, keep up the mocking and the insolent browbeating, its so cool (insert sarcastic tone please)

Protect Pit Bulls from BSL
Did you know there have been 250 days in 2013 where there was a "mass" shooting (shooting involving more than 2 people shot) yet BSL apologists are ranting about pit bulls being the problem. Again the most violent, cruel and dangerous animals anywhere on the plant is     Humans    

from the same page...just to hammer home my point...

And the monsters are you assholes...

Man, that felt good!!!!!  

Thursday, 19 September 2013


That's me, giving myself a finger swag...ah, it's been a hectic time...but a post is coming...I've just been sitting back watching a couple asinine facebook pages unfold, and I have some opinions...

Gotta be in the right frame of mind, and choose my words wisely...the zealots real are mocking some souls on these pages, and I don't want to add to the misery...but, attention is what the nutters want, and I'll give it to my way, drawing attention to what they call advocacy...