Sunday, 25 August 2013

Step By Step

Oooo Baby, gonna get to you girl..

Damn, while I was sitting here trying to remember which song had a lyric that eluded "steps" and which boy band sang the song, Mr. King knew it right away...should I be concerned?  No, he's too cool for school to be a dork...hahah!!!

I like Step 5 according to the New Kids on The Block's Step by Step (shoot, this song is going to play itself in my head over and over today) ah the price to pay for a blog that is going to take a poke at my most fav nutter of all...

Step 5 (Jon) "don't you know that the time has arrived"

How pleasing is this!  It's not discrimination you idiots, it's about damn time you were called out on the bought online, or sewn by mamma vests that you put on your mutants in an effort to circumvent rules, what the hell is wrong with you freaks????  Hopefully this is step 1 to some really serious fur flying, hard core penalties coming down on bitches like this...who stain the hard work, and years of training it takes to be a true service dog.  Emotional support dog my ass, take your meds bitch!!!

And now on to Chuk...remember is a little reminder:

I live for the little things that allow me the opportunity to poke this little fire...hahah!  And the most simple thing, she is groupie for New Kids on the Block...sorry guys, stalkers like her must be scary!  But oh the joy of being able to name one of my blogs after the boys she surely fantasizes about...and in her mind, the fantasy likely has each one leaving their mark on her already nasty sheets.

Ah...the mind of a hater...

topic of discussion added eve of Aug 26

my god, this child's was given a second chance at life, and her parents would risk her like this??????  It's mind numbingly sad...and once again, in the name of taking some stains of the breed's reputation??  Little Man King escaped what could have been a far worse outcome that night just over two years ago, no out of the frying pan into a potential fire in the King household that's for sure...


  1. Just another example of how pit owners are not like other normal dog owners-no low is too low. My father had a term for people like them: "Fu**ed in the head".

  2. i wanna know who issued these bumpkins that vest and service dog card. i want the feds to storm that place. shut 'em down.

    thankfully for the the rest of society, pit nutters can't claim stupidity as a disability. EVEN after it is explained to mother and son nutters EDWINA and ALEX STEELE, that emotional support is not recognized under the ADA, they are STILL expecting an apology. ROTFLMAO. it's TRUE. you CAN'T fix stupid. and you sure as hell can't put a vest on it.

    every time i turn around this topic is in the news. i will be contributing to this nutter fraud soon.

  3. "Emotional support dog my ass, take your meds bitch!!!"


    Anyone who thinks pit bulls are trustworthy enough to use as "service" or "support" dogs is f*cking delusional.

    1. That is the problem. Pit advocates have proven time and time again that they cannot be trusted to regulate ANY part of pit bulldom. They ALL seem to think *their* dog would NEVER hurt a fly. Here's my favorite example:

      In a famous example of a trained "therapy" pit bull reverting back to genetic pit bull animal-aggression, Anna Klafter's pit bull, Nettie, unleashed an attack upon a mounted police horse.
      Sergeant David Herrera was bucked off in the 2003 incident and suffered neck and back injuries. Klafter suffered a fractured skull after the horse kicked her in the face. At the time, Klafter had been trying to gain control of her "extensively trained" animal assisted therapy dog. Klafter had adopted the dog from the San Francisco SPCA, where she volunteered as a dog trainer.

    2. "Klafter suffered a fractured skull after the horse kicked her in the face." I'm probably going to hell for laughing at that part.

    3. I'll see you there.


  5. That story regarding Emma and "Jeffrey" the "support" dog is beyond absurd. Every other sentence is enough to make your eyes roll out of your head.

    Speaking of heads... Jeffrey's might just have its own gravitational field, that thing is huge! If he ever goes pit on Emma he could probably fit and crush her entire skull in one bite. That little girl doesn't know any better, but her mother and the dog's owner should f*cking wake up.

    "you CAN'T fix stupid" is right.

  6. Since you're Canadian: Popkum, BC is fed up with psychopath pit owner and freeroaming mauling pack, and the usual useless 'authorities':