Saturday, 28 September 2013

Praying for Time...

But we'll take our chances
'Cause God's stopped keeping score
I guess somewhere along the way
He must have let us all out to play
Turned his back and all God's children
Crept out the back door...

George Michael's Praying for Time...driving home with Mr King the song came on the satellite radio and the sadness of the song certainly suites the feelings that should be causing all of our our hearts to shatter...

Yes, the type of dog that is just like all others, have left 3 families mourning the murder of their children, 3 children this past week killed...another left with such traumatic injuries, survival may not be possible...

Nancy Grace had a great bit on her show about what she calls "devil dogs", its high time someone with significant resources gave a shit!!!!!!  I guess we should be grateful that at least one of the stories is hitting the media at a national level...

It seems to be a rare occasion that I don't have rounds of words to fire off...but I don't...not this time...not in regards to these children and how they were killed.  Sadness sets in and it doesn't feel right to say what is already being said over and horrible nutter said that we should focus on other issues, because things like texting and driving kill more often...I wonder what the magic number of children killed in one week is the point of caring for that nutter?  3 this week isn't enough I guess, is it one per day, two per day??  According to the province I live in, texting and driving is a big ole no no, punishable by the law...fuck you nutter!!!

Just to make myself feel a whole lot better...I'm going to post a comment of a nutter...sent to me just a short while ago...I first read it early in the morning,  through the groggy haze of a melatonin induced lovely sleep...I read it, read it again, then logged of grippingtruth and carried on with my day...I wasn't sure if I had really read what I did...but lordy lordy, I certainly had...I sent it off to a friend, whose reaction was very similar to it is folks...and by the way, screw you nursey nurse, you sent it, I'm posting it with my reaction to your stupid wish for folks like me to care if you have a huge vet bill!!! If you'd like, send me your reaction to mine, I'll laugh when I read it, and say now, what the fuck were you thinking I'd do with your message...

"I am a nurse and I have a 23 month old Shih Tzu baby who works along side me as a therapy dog. She was attacked by my other dog Macy (a pit bull/australian shepherd) unprovoked, yesterday slicing her eye open and pulling it out of the socket. She is having surgery today to remove her eye and we're praying the swelling doesn't cause her to go blind in her right eye as well. She is the sweetest dog and has been nick named the "cuddle bug". Her surgery will cost over $1400. I've set up a fundraiser to help pay for her medical costs- you can donate through paypal... her email is *****************.com she also has her own facebook for any words of encouragement: thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers"

Now, as much as some think I'm a bitch who lacks all level of compassion, trust me, I don't...I feel for this little shih tzu, I have one myself, but leave it up to a nutter to expect everyone else to rush in and pay for the damage done by their freak of nature...just ironic as all hell, the her mutant attacked her other dog...buck up, pay your own bills...I read on your facebook page, you had to put dear Macy down...good!!!  One less pit to potentially fuck up someone else's life.  How does it feel dear little nutter, to see your own sweet little dog deal with the pain of surgery because Macy?  How does your wallet feel, a bit lighter, I hope so...lesson fucking learned...

I see this lame excuse for the attack is on the facebook page...

Dr hagwood her surgeon said Macy really did a number on the inside too. Also Macy snapped because of this phenomenon that happens to one in a few thousand dogs that have excessive testosterone that is kept in check by her ovaries. Once they're removed/spayed there's nothing to keep that in check which causes an almost roid rage situation so there was absolutely nothing No one could do."

Deflection of responsibility to an extraordinary level!!!!!  Anyways, that was posted yesterday, and dear sweet Macy was dirt napped Sept 23?  A doggy autopsy perhaps???  Feel free to comment on Dr. Hagwood's summation, I find it 100% WTF??????  But if this is just one more "thing" that pits can't overcome, too much testosterone, then it's simply one more reason for BSL...

???????  I get the impression you are quick to believe this reasoning from Dr. know, I'd have a whole lot of respect for you if instead of posting your plea for cash, you'd buck up, tell the story of how you (it appears anyways) bought into the myths and that you have turned your back on pit ownership, and stand on the tallest soap box you could find yelling at the top of your lungs that pits are like Nancy Grace says "the devil dogs" but instead, you beg for money...pathetic nutter!!!

Here ya go Nursey Nurse, this photo is for you!!!! If you really care about your little shih tzu, I'll take her, and giver her a home free of pits...LIKE YOU DIDN'T!!!


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    1. whoops, sorry....I commented the EXACT SAME sentiment at the end of this comments trail without reading your post. Sorry, I wasn't ignoring it, just jumping the gun.

      EXACTLY. Nursing is one of the most lucrative and stable middle-class jobs available now. I can't think of another job where you can command such wages and job security with a 2-year degree (though the BS is better). I swear I'd go into it myself if I could stand the idea of working in a hospital...nursing takes a certain type of personality, and I'm not it.

  2. Sorry Nurse Nutter, but it's not the hormones, it's the BREEDING. Explosive, unprovoked and disproportionate aggression in dogs is an inheritable brain dysfunction which occurs as an anomaly in most breeds but was specifically selected FOR in fighting breed dogs to enhance their performance. It cannot be loved, trained, exercised, socialized, or sterilized out of them, and here is the study that proves it: I will agree with sterilizing pit bulls into extinction though. Why wait for another dead kid? Why tolerate another biddable pet dog/cat/horse torn apart? Screw pit bulls and the head cases that CHOOSE to own them.

  3. too bad when an innocent pet is ripped up but asking for trouble usually means you re gonna get some . nurses owning pits makes me scared to be bitten by a pit .

  4. Every time I hear people say that it is intact male dogs that do most of the biting (because of the testosterone,) I want to SCREAM and I also want to ask, "Intact male dogs of WHICH breed?" Because, it's a breed thing, not a testosterone thing.

    Show dogs are all intact. We don't hear about show collies, show golden retrievers, show bichon frises, biting people at alarming rates - now do we?

    Nor do we hear about spayed female collies, golden retrievers, or bichon frises, roving the streets and attacking.

    It's kind of like real estate....but instead of being all about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION, it's all about BREED, BREED, BREED.

    I think testosterone gets a bad rap.

    1. "I think testosterone gets a bad rap."


      there are five really dangerous mutants around me. three are females, i suspect 2 are fixed and one is not. and two males, one fixed and one not.

  5. @anon, I agree with your testosterone comment...also with the intact or not comment...the mutant that got Little Man King was altered, and ironically, when I have conversations with victim's families, most of the pits that got them too were altered...
    I really like how you bring up show dogs and unaltered females not attacking of other breeds not attacking...I too believe that attacks have very little to do with whether or not the dog is capable of breeding...

  6. The pit bull that changed my life was a four year old spayed bitch. They are what they are, breed matters.

  7. I think we've started something April29...I invite all of you to tell us if the POS that worked it's way into your life was altered or not!

  8. when i see a pit i dont wonder if it is aggressive or not , i assume it is . i dont worry about its reproductive status , i assume it is aggressive whatever it is .

  9. oh my anon...since you obviously have no respect for rules (no defence of attacking mutts allowed) your silly little comment doesn't surprise me! Thanks for some blog foddeer though...I was I get the vomit out of mouth, I'll god, you who think you know it all...sigh, the blood of the kids killed by pits, how does it smell on you???

  10. The second 'annual' walk for the victims of pit bulls got cancelled by the organizer with only two weeks to go, thought you should see why:

    In regards to the recent accusations that involved me, Maggie Bain, making threats directed towards a local pit bull rescue, the Pistons and Pits Charity Car Show, and the Children’s Literacy Event, are extremely false.
    As the director of The 2nd Annual Event for Victims of pit bulls and other dangerous dogs, I assure you that I personally did not make any phone calls or threats stating I was going to show up to the Children’s Literacy Event “wrapped in bandages and covered in blood” protesting that a pit bull was attending. I also did not make these threats to the Pistons and Pits Charity Car Show, or their sponsors, which was scheduled for October 19th, 2013, which is the same day as The Second Annual Event for Victims and other dangerous dogs.

    Unfortunately I cannot control others actions and I cannot promise that someone else did not follow through with these threats, but I can tell you as the director of The Second Annual Event for Victims of pit bulls and other dangerous dogs, that I did/do not condone or encourage anyone to make these threats.
    I would like to thank Simmons and Fletcher P.C. for sponsoring this event and also apologize to them for the recent phone calls, emails and negative publicity they have received due to false accusations of me threatening the pro pit bull events.
    I would also like to apologize to Jump for Joys for the negative publicity they have received due to false accusations of me threatening the pro pit bull events.
    And I would also like to thank PJ's Softball Park for allowing us to rent their park out and apologize to them for the negative publicity, phone calls and emails they have received due to false accusations of me threatening the pro pit bull events.
    Thank you!
    Maggie Bain- Director of the 2nd Annual Event for Victims of pit bulls and other dangerous dogs

  11. all we ever want is a chance to lean on the shoulders of others, no different that MADD and other types of events...I'm so sorry Maggie...

  12. Please feel free to express your disdain to the crackhead that wrote this:

    1. I've seen two other pit bull puff pieces in the past two days. I'm about ready to vomit.

  13. Pit Bull Rescue Central-an honest pit bull group. You might be surprised: It is a fact that our APBTs, ASTs and pit mixes come with a built-in fighting heritage. It doesn’t matter where we get them from, whether it be the pound, a stray we pick up, or a puppy we buy from a breeder. The majority of pit bulls will, at some point in their lives, exhibit some degree of dog-on-dog aggression ... We cannot predict when or where it will happen and we can’t love, train or socialize it out of the dog. Pit bulls may not start a fight, but they will finish it.

  14. The ASPCA-pimping pit bulls to the public while telling their own employees to beware of pit bulls!

  15. sorry this comment is late; I just read this blog post...

    Nurse-Nutter is making me have a rage-stroke

    If she really is a nurse, as she claims, she should be solidly middle-class if she works full-time. Even if she's just starting out in the profession, she should be making more than the average per capita income.

    I bet she's lying about her profession.

    Or maybe she's just very, very entitled. That, too, would fit the nutter profile.