Friday, 20 September 2013

The Way I Am

"When you don't give a fuck, when you won't just put up
With the bullshit they pull, cause they full of shit too"

I'm generally not a fan of Eminem...I try to live my life in a way that doesn't allow me time to listen to his usually angry lyrics...but this time, it felt right.  It's hard not to be angry when you see what the nutters say, what they think is ok, and why they continue to hurt those almost destroyed by their mutts.  

I thought about whether or not to post links to the Facebook pages currently up and mocking victims, thought about it long and hard. I'll post much of what they say, but Mr King and I realize that if we post links to the pages,  that opens those being mocked up to perhaps more nutters joining in, I can't do that to them...

But I will certainly give my unasked for opinion on those pages and point out the obvious, and that is "what the hell does bullying people have to do with propelling their movement forward?"  It is so oddly asinine and unequivocally absurd, and this type of behaviour certainly does nothing to squash the stereotype so many assume when it comes to pit owners...bully breeds owned by bully's...pure and fucking simple.

There are photos of those who support BSL with the word "chubbers" as the caption, or "epic fail in life" or a shot of one who speaks up for a family member with the words "has stock in (insert makeup company here)", they refer to one BSL advocate needing to get her roots done, and call her snaggle tooth, they call one of us a crackwhore, and make fun of where we work.  They take screenshots out of context, and then post captions filled with their deluded lies.  All in a little sewing circle where they pat each other on the backs for being pieces of shit.

Now, I don't give a fat rat's ass what they say about me, I've grown skin thick enough to not care, but there are some among us who have lost children, have been forever disfigured, have lost pets, and live in a changed world because of a type of dog.  And who, like other movements before them, they simply want to try and create a world where this happens less, they are selfless, empathic and compassionate enough to take what happened to them,  and tell their stories to try and protect your family, your children, your pets from what fate dealt them.  And for it, they are mercilessly, over and over made fun of, threatened, belittled and for lack of non cliched sometimes over used word bullied.  I wonder how society would have reacted to drunk drivers getting together, and mocking the families of those affected by their actions?  This is no different, we are all fighting for the right to live in a world safe from a type of dog proving itself constantly to not be fit as a family pet.

Advocate all you want for that thing at your feet, the one you let lick your child's face, let it do the same thing you'll blame a parent for doing when a pit rips a hole into a now victim's that hypocrite who bashes those who don't alter their pit, when you haven't done the the ignorant foamer (hahah, used one of your stupid words) who cant' seem to stay on track without resorting to being an antagonizing have to see that it simply fuels the fire of what society thinks of you, and your choice of dog???  How the hell can you not see that??

You nutters are pathetically cruel, and you think it's appropriate and funny.  I show people your little pages, and they are sadly stunned, I'll bring your comments and pages to the meetings I attend in my efforts to get BSL enacted where I and your fucked up form of advocacy are proof positive that pits need regulating, we gotta keep them out of the hands of people like YOU!!!!!

There is a list of the worst of the worst, I'll bet we could all name them...mostly women, few men...send me quotes if you like folks, I'll post them.  Maybe some of their own medicine will do them some good.  Perhaps because it's in the context of what I've written.

Yes, my son was forever scarred by a pitbull...I hate your dogs, and I hate how you advocate for them, and I hate a select few of you.

In closing, here is a gem:  yes, indeed humans are the most violent, cruel and dangerous animals, you and your  disparaging, insulting repulsive efforts to "Protect Pit Bulls from BSL" prove that time and time are indeed part of the problem, keep up the mocking and the insolent browbeating, its so cool (insert sarcastic tone please)

Protect Pit Bulls from BSL
Did you know there have been 250 days in 2013 where there was a "mass" shooting (shooting involving more than 2 people shot) yet BSL apologists are ranting about pit bulls being the problem. Again the most violent, cruel and dangerous animals anywhere on the plant is     Humans    

from the same page...just to hammer home my point...

And the monsters are you assholes...

Man, that felt good!!!!!  


  1. and yes NumismaticNerd, I 100% disagree with you! Go away nutter!

  2. It's funny to think that the pitiots are too dumb to realize that the minute THEIR dog goes canine IED on someone (which it Never would, of course) THEY will be the bad pit owner that didn't 'train their dog properly' or 'starved and abused' it.

    As for the Scooby pic above, I first saw that recently from a thread by George Takai. My comment was this: "This is one of the most ignorant, insulting things I've ever seen in my life. It wasn't dogs that developed the vaccine for smallpox or polio or taught starving Chinese peasants how to grow seven times more food." What I didn't say was: If this is what you really think of the human race then PLEASE KILL YOURSELF. Some of us are trying to make it better on this planet and you're obviously not one of them.

  3. the reverence of dogs is certainly creating one hell of a screwed up society...agree'd!!

    1. Jesus Christ didn't tell people 'Love DOGS as I have loved you".

  4. Another child died by pit bull today:

  5. yup...pit are just like all other dogs...NOT!!! Lets all applaud the nutters, whose constant pushing of the lies killed another child...

  6. And another dead kid. Three in six days. But all breeds do that.

  7. I have never ever once had my firearm jump out of its holster run across the street and attack a child!

  8. man, when the nutters keep coming back with posts after I tell them to screw off, it boggles my are like a herpes sore!!!