Saturday, 12 October 2013

Hell Hath No Fury...Like An Anne King scorned...

Ugly Kid Joe:  Everything About You....chorus goes like this:

And I, get sick when I'm around, I, can't stand to be around,
I, hate everything about you!
Everything about you,
Everything about you,
Everything about you!

I think I've touched on the word and the emotion "hate" a while ago in one of my god, to be called a "hater" early on in all this stunned the hell out of me, and it took me a while to figure out why it felt so freaking bad to be a hater.  

Society and our need to be so politically correct is's creating a place where people are apprehensive in their opinions, and many roll over and allow their own sense of self to be sacrificed because of our viewpoint, reaction or inclination to speak or feel because it might go against the grain of how someone else might be reacting, or speaking or feeling in regards to whatever situation they are presented with.

Bit word I know...but hey, I'm in a mood...thanks nutters...

I get the need, nary the necessity for society to move past discriminatory actions, cheap shots taken at one another because of our colour, sexual orientation, gender, religion and all that kind of stuff.  Do people "hate" those who are gay, probably, do people "hate" those who practise one religion over another, I would say without a doubt yes...

I imagine that when one mother got angry enough, and HATED that a drunk driver took her loved one, from that a movement that stands against drinking and driving was born.  

I think most of us are quite comfortable with hating those who caused the the actions of 9/11...I'm sure many would say they hate the actions of those who are the heart of any genocide in any country (whether that is Hitler, the deaths during Jonestown, etc)

So why am I so evil, prejudicial and hurtful because I HATE the type of dog that kills so many?  Well, that is a land I'm now dwelling in quite contently, and have no problem saying out loud...I HATE PITBULLS!!!!  

For some reason, unless you are on the "correct" side of hatred, you yourself are a very bad's a subjective call made by a dog idolizing society - firstly, if you hate dogs (I know, perish the thought) your dislike is questioned, probably fairly harshly (maybe you were abused as a child, and trust me, they will want to send you to some form of rehab) but secondly, oh if you hate pits, you are the lowest of the low, how dare you hate a poor creature so maligned by society, so abused, so wah wah wah wa...fuck I HATE NUTTERS!!!!!  

What I'm getting at, in my over caffeinated way, is asking why hate, in my instance is so horrific?  Took me a while to not give a shit that I'm called a hater, but I now look at it this way "with great power (hate) comes great responsibility (doing something good based on my hate) - thanks Uncle Ben...not the guy on the boxes of rice - Spiderman's Uncle...

Now, as a by product of speaking up and hoping for regulations that will hopefully be enacted, so that poor sweet nanny dogs will never be able to ever kill 3 kids in one week again, is nutter banter that they think is ok to heap on people like me and other parents/family members who day after day, have to look at their children, forever scarred by your fucking choice of mutt...notes like yours anon, your blame and psycho-I'm a Caesar Milan cult member babble make me not just hate your mutts, but you dare you tread on my dare you pass blame on to my dare you pretend to know our situation, and how dare you find it within your petty little rights to try and feel you know better than me...and you are just one shining example of how the typical personality type that stands for pits acts towards us...would you send this kind of note to the mother of a rape victim trying to explain what lead the rapist to her child...would you send this kind of note to the father of a soul killed by a drunk driving explaining why people make dangerous choices?  Bet you wouldn' get the fuck out of my world too...

Why you freaks think it's ok to send me notes like this is so far beyond any level of acceptance...

"I find it interesting that you people aren't aware of the damage you're causing and your massive amount of attacks that could have been avoided if any of you actually knew your facts. 1st - dogs react to fear, which you are actively promoting. 2nd - dogs are not born aggressive. There's also no such thing as "bred for fighting". They are bred for athleticism, strength and tenacity (or gameness) then they are TRAINED to be aggressive. A dog is a dog. They are instinctual animals. They are social animals. Due to this, a dog is a reflection of it's handler. It's NOT how they're raised, it's NOT their genetics, it's NOT their breed. It's absolutely 100% the person currently behind the dog. Dog attack = owner failure. There is no other reason"

Here's another one...not sent to me...but to a good friend...maybe in this context here, you fine fuck ups will understand that we have lost loved ones (children!!!) 

Oh wait a sec, I'm talking about about a messed up part of society that bows at the paws of dogs...never mind the above paragraph typed by me...

Anne King out...

***  Whoops, I meant to post this link...writing about it helps many of us get it all out...


  1. Even schizophrenics, and yes I've known some, don't seem to be as COMPLETELY out of touch with reality as pit nutters. The babble above is proof they don't know shit about the dogs they CHOOSE to own. I'm proud to be a hater, to be someone who values the life of a child and the future of humanity over a shit eating animal whose only value is the emotionally anthropomorphicized codependent attachment a human has for it. And I've got to the point where I'm throwing it RIGHT BACK in the nutters faces. Yes pit nutters, the shit your ugly dogs are in is ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT due to the total failure of pit advocacy to do what they promised for 30 years now-to produce SAFE dogs in REASONABLE numbers, to ACTUALLY cull the man-biters, to hold pit owners to the high standard of responsibility that SHOULD come with ownership of a known dangerous breed by INSISTING they spay and neuter, leash, vaccinate, and keep their dogs from running loose. It is YOUR failure and lies that are dooming these dogs to even increasing cities with BSL and mandatory spay and neuter, whose ultimate END is the extinction of this breed whose every trait-explosive, disproportionate and unpredictable aggression, unwillingness to stop attacking, high pain tolerance, and uniquely harmful hold and shake attack-make them DEFECTIVE and UNSUITABLE as a PET animal.

  2. 20-something people think the present level of dog attack violence is normal, because they never knew a time when it was not. From 1930 to 1960 the U.S. averaged fewer than one fatal dog attack per year. Pit bulls during that time killed nine people. Dobermans killed two, one in 1955 and one in 1960, and that was enough to create the lasting image of the Doberman as a dangerous breed. Since 2010 we have averaged 23 fatalities per year from pit bulls alone. From 1960 to 1985, the U.S. averaged about 600,000 bites per year requiring medical treatment, with a dog population of about 35 million. From 2000 to today, with a dog population of about 70 million, the average number of dog bites per year requiring medical attention has been between 4.7 and 4.8 million. What changed? In 1960 pit bulls were about half of one percent of the U.S. dog population. By 2000 they were about 4%, and now they are 6%.-Merritt Clifton-animal rights activist and second generation vegetarian. Even THIS guy hates pit bulls.

  3. And to the pit-for-brains that wrote that: 1) golden and Labrador are called RETRIEVERS because, gee, they were bred to RETRIEVE. Pit bull were bred to be thrown in a PIT with a BULL and kill it. Get it? That's where the name came from. In a PIT with a BULL. Dogfighting came much later as a consequence of bull and bear fighting being made illegal. 2) Yes, dogs react to fear, and many other things. But dogs that exhibit explosive, disproportionate and UNPROVOKED aggression have an inheritable BRAIN DISORDER which cannot be loved, trained, or socialized out. This type of behavior appears as an anomaly in most breeds but was specifically selected FOR in fighting breeds to enhance their performance, and here is the study that proves it: Stop having a tantrum long enough to READ IT. 3) Here is the history of the pit bull as quoted by the people who bred them in the 19th and early 20th century: READ IT. 4) You're right, it's NOT how they are raised, as shown by this list of pit bull BREEDERS and ADVOCATES who have been mauled and killed by their own dogs: Again, READ IT. 5) It IS the dogs breeding which is the culmination of centuries of carefully controlled genetic selection at the hands of humans; as shown here: Since 1851 there has not been ONE decade in which pit bulls ALONE did not kill more people than every other dog breed COMBINED: So yes, it IS a breed problem as shown here: and anyone who doesn't think so should look up 'cognitive dissonance' and 'pathological altruism'. You are telling the same LIES that have been told to you.

  4. 10 Reasons Why Pit Bulls Are NOT Dogs.

    #1 They're driven to kill their own species, dogs are not.
    #2 They give NO warning of impending attack, dogs warn you.
    #3 They attack unprovoked, out of the blue, dogs attack for a reason.
    #4 They break out of their housing and break into houses to attack, dogs aren't
    driven to break out to attack.
    #5 They attack to kill, dogs attack to protect, out of fear, dominance and more but not driven to kill.
    #6 Pit Bulls continue to kill their victims long after their victim is dead, dogs will kill a rabbit for example and when it's dead, eat it , carry it or leave it.
    #7 Pit Bulls become more enraged with increased pain, dogs will stop attacks when pain is intense.
    #8 Pit Bulls do not recognize nor honor submission, dogs do.
    #9 Pit Bulls fight to their own death, dogs do not.
    #10 Pit Bulls most often kill their owners or members of the family, dogs do not. None of Pit Bulls aggressive characteristics are dog-like or even like any other animal, wild or domestic.

  5. Edward Daniels Jr., the owner of the pit bulls that murdered 7 year old Tyler Jett, got a TEN YEAR prison sentence! Hoorah! You choose the breed, you own its deed:

  6. This isn't so much a comment to this particular post as it is a comment to the blog as a whole. The 'nanny dog' thing may or may not be true, we weren't there so we can't say for sure. However, the fact that the kids look uncomfortable and too posed is a different story.
    The antique photos of kids and pitties/pibbles look so staged because of the technology of that day. As a recently graduated photo major I learned about the type of cameras that were used in that time and they were most likely either daguerreotype or wet-plate, the subject had to sit absolutely still for between 3 to 10 minutes. For a (well trained) dog, a simple 'sit/stay' command would be sufficient, with maybe some food or a toy to keep it's attention in one spot. For a child, however they had hidden poles and straps to keep them from moving, or the parent's hands were out of the shot holding the kid still.

  7. Someone above mentioned that in the past, dog attack fatalities were few and far between and this is true. There are a couple reasons for this. First, until around 30 years ago, people in the United States had a little common sense and kept dogs OUTSIDE, where all dogs belong! Almost every toddler and infant killed by the "family dog" is killed inside the home, deaths that could be prevented if the dog was kept outdoors. Keeping dogs inside the house is a mistake and compounding that mistake by choosing to own a pit bull is a recipe for disaster. Pit bulls are NOT normal dogs. They are purpose-bred to fight other dogs and possess specific characteristics not shared with normal dogs. For example, unlike other dogs, pit bulls do not waste time growling and raising hackles before attacking (two dogs circling and attempting to intimidate each other would make for a very boring dog fight). Additionally, unlike normal dogs, which usually do nothing more than "nip" an opponent or victim – still attempting to avoid an all-out fight – pit bulls attack with the intent to kill and rip, tear, shake and hang on until their victim stops moving. Again, unlike normal dogs, when fighting or attacking, pit bulls are oblivious to pain. In Indiana a few months ago when a pit bull attacked a 12-year-old boy, a neighbor stabbed the dog in the eye and it didn't faze the monster. It wasn't until another neighbor arrived with a gun and shot the land shark three times that it finally "let go.”

    Then of course, the pit nutters are constantly yapping about a pit bull's jaw being of less strength than those of a German shepherd, which is preposterous. The so-called "test" cited by pit nutters was conducted by Dr. Barry Barr, a "reptile expert," NOT a dog expert! Stanley Coren, Ph.D. (a recognized dog expert who has appeared on numerous TV shows) and others, have disputed the findings of Dr. Barr. What Barr did was place a force-measuring device on a protective sleeve or pole and provoked the animals to bite it. His findings were flawed for several reasons. First, because of the manner in which the measurements were taken, they reflected the bite force closer to the front of the jaw – not the back where the true "pressure" lies. Second, there is no way to accurately gauge the anger level of the dog during testing to ascertain if the dog is genuinely angry or simply playing. You can’t very well, say, "Now bite down as hard as you can on this device so we can measure your jaw strength." Anyone who believes the jaws of a pit bull are no different those of other dogs should ask themselves why the "pit bull break stick" was devised solely for use on pit bulls and cannot be used on other dogs. They should also consider the case of Jonathan Lukowiski, a police officer in Alton, Illinois, who was attacked by a pit bull back in March 2010. The dog "latched" onto Lukowiski's leg and even after another officer shot the land shark four times, killing it, its jaws remained "locked" on Lukowiski's leg and had to be pried open.

  8. I don't hate pit bulls, it's not their fault they were bred to be vicious canine psychopaths, I hate the people that breed them and the idiots that keep buying them. Let the breed go extinct, we have no use for a fighting dog in modern day world.

  9. Pit bulls do have less OVERALL bite force than a German shepherd, but they have MORE of a bite force on their canine teeth than do German shepherds. This allows them to deliver a more dangerous kill bite than other dog breeds, and it is a trait shared by all dogs bred for fighting.

    The sheering teeth at the back of the mouth do a lot of damage due to the way the pit bull grips and chews its victim, which is the real cause of the horrific injury. Most dogs (even wolves) bite and release, then reassess their opponent before biting again. Pit bulls bite, grip, and chew their victims, causing massive bleeding and severance of blood vessels, tendons and muscle tissue. They are basically eating their victims alive.

    It is correct that they ignore submission signals during an attack - they were indeed bred to do this. Basically they are the canine equivalent of a psychopath. I would imagine most dog fighting breeds (except possibly the Japanese tosa) are bred to do the same.

    The original bull and terrier dogs were bred to bait bulls, they didn't kill the bulls, that was done afterwards by men. When bull baiting fell out of fashion / became illegal, the dog men turned to pitting their dogs against other dogs, and the pitbull was created to fill that purpose.

    I dislike any dog that has been bred for looks alone, I hate anything other than a natural look on a dog. I agree some jobs require dogs to be bred a certain way (some working breeds are still used for their original purpose) but pit bulls do not have a legal purpose in the world. Their original purpose was to kill other dogs and animals - why do people keep breeding them then? Why are 'humane' societies promoting such a ridiculous breed? They should all be sterilised and the breed should go extinct.

    I don't see this happening anytime soon but perhaps one day we'll be free of all useless dog breeds.